Eye Manipulation

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Eye Manipulation

Post by CloudStrife on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:14 pm

FIRST! Get ur base pic (and):

2nd:Take the pen tool: Select around the eye, when your done go to Select-Inverse and then ctrl+c, ctrl+v.

Now to add some dramatics. Change the blending mode of the new layer to
Color Burn. (U may need to make the eye fit better! so I used blur tool
and eraser tool in my fitting!) Now it should look something like this.

4th: Patterns now! (and brushes too!):
Find some patterns or use mine. (I used these patterns: http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/casearts/I120.jpg, http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi...in_a_crack.jpg, http://www.myfourthirds.com/files/06...ls/scratch.jpg.)
just copy paste each pattern and put it in a proper place then:
Blending mode: Soft Light and use the eraser to erase the unwanted bits
off.(TiP: If u want some of the patterns to be seen more than the
others; Duplicate the layer untill ur satisfied!)
This is what I came up with;

5th: Find Some NICE Crack brushes! (heres mine: http://redheadstock.deviantart.com/a...ushes-64158970)
just apply some cracks! (if the crack is too dark, either bring down
the opacity or make the layers blending mode to softlight and then

This is my final product when I did everything the tut said:

And heres a more modified one:



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