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Post by CloudStrife on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:22 pm

PhotoShop - Realistic Blood

here you will be taught how add realistic blood to a pic. 1) Open the
picture that you want to blood to. This is the one i used
Realistic Blood Blood1
pick the lasso tool and make a outline of where you want it to be. MAKE
SURE it is on a seperate layer then your picture. Now fill in with a
red color. Make it fairly dark, but not too dark. Now set this new
layer as color burn.
Realistic Blood Blood2 Realistic Blood Blood2.5
3) Now go to ur tool bar and pick the color burn tool (left pic) and the smudge tool (right pic).
Realistic Blood Blood3Realistic Blood Blood4
Well we be using these alot.
4) Ok now with the smudge too, pick a brush size that is about 1/4 the width of your blood spot.
Now start smudging. Try to make the blood like as though its dripping. Keep doing this until your
satisfied with what you have. This is what i have so far.
Realistic Blood Blood4.5
Realistic Blood Blood5.5

5) Ok now use the burn tool to darken the blood where the cut runs deeper. Heres what Idid.Realistic Blood Blood66) Now to get a look as though the blood is on her face we well texturize the blood. Go to
FILTER > TEXTURE > TEXTURIZE and this box will pop up. Use the setting i have here.
Realistic Blood Blood7
7) And now your done. here is what my final result looks like
Realistic Blood Blood_final
By: kSharp

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