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Post by CloudStrife on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:28 pm

PhotoShop - Smoke Effect

Written by Jon Couch -

you can make some very cool smoke with just a simple filter effect. I
havnt seen a tut like this on the internet yet so I thought I had
better post one. But anyway I find it a very useful method, I use it
quite a bit.

one, open a new image, it doesnt really matter what size but be sure to
set your background color to black. (this effect generally looks its
best on a black background.) Make a new layer and select the
\"Polygonal lasso tool\" and create an abstract shape that looks
similar to the example below.(It doesnt really matter what color you
use here either, but just dont make it too dark, and feel free to

PhotoShop - Smoke Effect 1

we can start our highlights of our smoke. Select the \"Dodge\" tool and
make the brush size around \"50\" and the \"Range\" to \"highlights.\"
Now use this tool around the edges and corners of your shape. Next,
select the \"Burn tool\" and use it in the middle and wherever you see
fit. You should have something that looks like this:

PhotoShop - Smoke Effect 2

we can make it look like smoke now. Go to
\"filter\"/\"Distort\"/\"Wave.\" And make the settings as follows: -
Generators \"5\" - Wavelength \"10\"/\"120\" - Amplitude \"5\"/\"35\" -
Scale at \"100%\" for both.

after you have used the \"wave\" filter you can go to
\"Edit\"/\"Fade-Wave\" and set the opacity to \"50%.\" Now repeat this
distort and fade method many times, or untill you think it looks best.

PhotoShop - Smoke Effect 4

make this effect look even better you may have to \"distort\", resize,
and change the blending modes when fading a bit. And lastly, to make it
different colors instead of the same throughout. make a new layer and
use the \"brush\" tool all over the place using different colors. then
set that layers \"blending mode\" to \"Overlay.\" And there you have
it, a simple yet effective smoke method!

PhotoShop - Smoke Effect 5

PhotoShop - Smoke Effect BlacklawsLuffy3-1
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